Lifting & Firming Face

A good firming treatment gives your skin a second youthful appearance. It visibly redefines the contours of the face, straightens the cheekbones and refines the skin texture for a smoother result. To date, there are many lifting and firming treatments to correct wrinkles and tighten facial features.

On, discover a wide range of effective products, to choose according to your needs.

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Before applying your facial lift, make sure to cleanse your skin first, for optimal application, better penetration of the cream or serum and therefore more effective results. Also remember to apply your cream in the morning and evening, or to combine two complementary treatments, one adapted for the day and one adapted for the night. For application, start at the top of your face, with your forehead, then around your eyes, nose, cheeks and lips. And finish with the neckline and neck. None of these areas should be neglected, but take special care for areas that you particularly want to firm up, such as the eye, lip and face areas, as well as the chest.

Signed Estée Lauder, the "New Dimension" Fundamental Restructuring Filler Serum works on the contour of the face, firms the skin and facial features, for a harmonious result.

Yves Saint Laurent's Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape Cream acts mainly on the remodeling of the "Y" zone. This firming cream contains the Glycanactif "Y" complex, ideal for remodeling and naturally firm skin thanks to one of its components, glycane.  

As for the Face Lift-Affine, it is Clarins' special Contour Parfait serum from the Clarins brand. With this product, your skin is purified and the contours of your face are visibly redefined. This serum redraws its lines and generously moisturizes the skin.

With Parfumdo, your beauty partner, find the firming and lifting treatment you need. Discover on its website unique products from major brands such as Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Estée Lauder, Clarins, Guerlain and many others. Adopt one of these products, your face will never have been so dazzling!