EAU SAUVAGE Shaving Cream

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A cream that protects the skin and respects the comfort of the epidermis.

It coats and softens the hair and ensures a comfortable and precise shave.


Harvested in southern Italy, bergamot essence is obtained by cold pressing fruit peels. It brings a soft and marked freshness to the perfumes. It adds a particular sparkle to the citrus notes.

HEDIONE: The fresh and airy notes of hedione are the result of research on jasmine absolute. Complete and refined, they are now indispensable to the perfumer's palette. The floral, jasmine and lemony accents of hedione, present in the heart note of Eau Sauvage, have become classics.

LAVENDER: Lavender is mainly a floral and coumarin note, with a woody facet. The essence is extracted by steam distillation of freshly cut flowers. Its mysterious and sensual facets blossom into the heart note of Eau Sauvage.

Bergamot, floral notes, oak moss and patchouli make up this accord of classic and sophisticated elegance. A racy and essential accord, intensified by the citrus and aromatic notes of Eau Sauvage.

Top Note : Calabrian Bergamot
Heart Note : Hedione, Vaucluse Lavender
Base Note : Accord Chypre
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