ARZ EL - RAB Eau de Parfums Grand Cru

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Grand Cru is not named any wine. The same goes for perfumes.
Since 1902, the house Berdoues offers fragrant creations elaborated in the respect of the high French perfumery, and is a pioneer in the field of Colognes. At the origin of the Grands Crus collection, the desire to collect the best raw materials that the earth can offer. From these harvests and the know-how of our perfumers is born a collection of a rare character. The natural elegance of wood, sober and authentic. Arz El-Rab, cedar forest of the Gods, is the interpretation of the legendary cedars of Mount Lebanon. Our perfumers invite you on a journey to the heart of the Orient. The power of Lebanon in a glass bottle.

Arz El-Rab gains in complexity over the notes thanks to a singular assembly of materials from the purest terroirs. Chinese Ginger, Moroccan Iris and Virginia Cedar offer the best of their personality, and mingle to unfold a deep and intense nose.

Top Note : Ginger from China
Heart Note : Iris from Morocco
Base Note : Virginia cedar
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  • ARZ EL - RAB              Eau de Parfums Grand Cru
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