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A playful duo that mixes innovation and sensoriality for a modular make-up intensity. In the black lacquered case, a moisturizing balm that can be applied with the finger to moisturize the lips and allow the powder to "cling" without any material effect. The ultra-micronized pigments allow a more or less sophisticated application and a long-lasting result. Limited edition.

Balm: enriched with the "Moisturize" complex, consisting of :

- natural esters, components of NMF*, which participate in the immediate hydration of the lips

- a derivative of Meadowfoam oil which helps to ensure 8 hours of hydration**

- phytoceramides with protective and smoothing properties of the lips by imitating the ceramides of the skin.

*NMF: Natural Moisturizing Factors

** Instrumental evaluation on a panel of 16 women.

Lip powder:

A creamy powder formula providing intense colour and sensoriality.

- A unique non-drying texture combining softness and comfort on application.

- Colour intensity thanks to very fine pigments.

- Thanks to a high percentage of talcum powder, the formula adheres particularly well to the lips.

For a natural result : after applying the balm with your finger, add a small dash of coloured powder to the center of the lips and blend with your finger for a blurred effect.

For a more sophisticated result : after applying the balm with your finger, apply the powder as you would have done with an eye shadow using the brush until you get the desired coverage.

Extra Tip : for a healthy glow effect, the powder can also be used as a blush. Apply to the top of the cheekbones using the brush integrated in the case.

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