MASCARAS Mascara volume and length

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A stretch formula combined with a 3D-printed brush, entirely hollow for maximum flexibility, that coats and stretches lashes infinitely.
The branches of the brush form a whirlpool whose spikes catch, curl and lengthen lashes.
The stretch formula based on jojoba esters and a flexible latex-like film lengthens and stretches lashes infinitely for an unequalled eye opening and controlled volume.

Place the brush at the root of the lashes and rotate it on itself using a wrist movement to roll them up, while stretching the lashes outwards.

For ultra-effective makeup removal, use INTENSE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER. Leave a cotton pad soaked in make-up remover on each eye for 5 seconds and then gently rub in a downward circular motion. Remove the remaining material by stretching slightly upwards.

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