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Dior FAHRENHEIT After Shave Lotion Bottle

  • 100 ml
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  • Description
  • Olfactive pyramid

This refreshing lotion leaves the skin soft, comfortable and lightly scented with the warm and subtle notes of Fahrenheit.

Olfactive pyramid
Fragrance Fragrance :

All the countries in the Mediterranean basin cultivate mandarin trees, but it is in Sicily that the best quality mandarin is produced. There are several varieties of mandarin: yellow, green and red. They correspond to different stages of maturity of the fruit. Mandarin essence is part of the citrus notes and brings a fruity and fresh touch. The mandarin gives the desire to travel in the top note of Fahrenheit.

The leaves of the violet give a powerful and very particular fragrance with green, vegetal and very slightly floral notes. Sensual, the violet is part of the surprising Fahrenheit middle note.

Originally, the leather note comes from the interpretation of the scent of Russian leather used to make hussar boots. Their soft leather was tanned with birch bark. Perfumers have recreated these burnt, smoky, birch, styrax and cade notes, which can be found as an invitation to travel and reverie in the Fahrenheit base note.

Olfactive pyramid Olfactive pyramid : Top Note : SICILIAN MANDARIN Heart Note : VIOLET Base Note : LEATHER
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