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Essential from the age of 30, anti-ageing skincare products do us the most good day and night. The choice of your anti-wrinkle treatment is not insignificant and depends above all on your age.

From the age of 30, it is a question of anticipating the appearance of the first wrinkles, while at 50, the cream fights to hydrate and fill in wrinkles.



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While there is no miracle solution to erase facial wrinkles, the application of the right cream, serum and care can not only pamper your skin, but also act to reduce the visibility of wrinkles by providing your skin with everything it needs: hydration, nutrition and comfort. Carefully selected, the anti-wrinkle creams offered on the Parfumdo site are the result of several laboratory researches, whose products have been tested and their effectiveness proven, in order to give complete satisfaction to our customers.

The first targeted treatment that will take over from your moisturizer will be directed towards the first signs of aging; they appear especially around the eyes and lips, where the skin is thinner and more fragile. The objective of anti-wrinkle creams is to tone, firm and act on skin renewal. By acting directly on the factors of ageing, namely the loss of energy, the reduction of cell functions and the loss of tissue quality. Anti-ageing creams help to maintain the quality of the skin structure in order to delay the appearance of signs of aging. It should be noted that the skin surface consists of countless microscopic triangles (or "facets") connected to each other and which form the skin texture. Proper care nourishes and completely covers the skin surface, allowing it to keep a smooth and silky appearance. By using a revitalizing cream every day, you can restructure the skin surface by plumping your skin back up.  Wrinkles are then less visible and the skin becomes more resistant to the signs of aging.

Here are some anti-wrinkle creams available on Parfumdo. In the form of an ampoule, Cellular Power Infusion from La Prairie is an innovative skin care product. It acts deeply in the cells to allow the skin to regain its timeless beauty. Shiseido's Absolute Super Revitalizing Bio-Performance Cream is a great step forward in the fight against aging. Shiseido research has shown that the number of facets contained in the skin influences its resistance to the effects of age. As for Shiseido's Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream, Benefiance Wrinkleresist24, this treatment is ideal to fight against the signs of time on the eye contour area. This cream acts on the appearance of wrinkles with Mukurossi, Chlorella and Gambir extracts, reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles with Shiseido's exclusive Bio N Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer (patented) and Hydroxyproline which stimulates collagen production.

These are just a few examples of the equally effective anti-wrinkle creams offered by Parfumdo.