Body Hydration

Daily hydration is the beauty action to adopt for healthy skin: nourished and revitalized.

At each time of year, each skin type corresponds to a specific care that will meet your need and term of hydration and protection against external aggressions, for a soft and comfortable skin all day long!


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To understand your hydration needs, you must first know that skin contains water. Depending on the amount of water the skin contains, depends on its ability to more or less repair its natural moisturizing factors, the skin will be more or less well hydrated. Hydration is about monitoring these factors and filling in the gaps that our skin may have. A good moisturizer therefore contains water and hydration factors. It also contains lipids to form a water barrier that would tend to evaporate. The extra ingredients will give radiance, better penetration and a delicate scent to your skin.

It is possible to moisturize your skin in four different ways: with milk, cream, oil or water. The cream or balm will relieve very dry skin while the water will be more effective for cooling and relaxing. It is especially perfect for hot days! The oil will leave a satin effect and will be perfect to enhance your tan in summer. Your hydration routine for the day will be more pleasant if it is complemented by a light massage and will be, like all other treatments, more effective if it is performed after a gentle body scrub.

Perfume your whole body with the famous scents of your favorite fragrances: I love Dior, Shalimar by Guerlain, La nuit Trésor by Lancôme and Angel by Thierry Mugler.