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Mixed fragrances, shared fragrances, unisex fragrances.... Fragrances made to fit your neck ladies, your torso gentlemen....
These scents skillfully mix genres, sexes, ages so that you can share these extraordinary fragrances....
It is thus to a wide audience that these scented fragrances - both feminine and masculine - are intended to create an original olfactory trail to share as a couple or to jealously guard just for yourself!

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Some examples of mixed perfumes have initiated the androgynous side of perfumes with the timeless ones: "Ck One" by Calvin Klein, "Eau de Cartier" by Cartier,
"Eau de Cologne Impériale" by Guerlain, "Eau de rhubarb scarlet" by Hermes, "Jean-Marie FARINA" by Roger & Gallet. Check out our catalog of mixed fragrances and you will surely find a fragrance that will seduce your heart like that of the loved one.