Child perfume

Their very first fragrance, the one that will remind them their whole life, of the beautiful and carefree days of childhood. To be like the grown-ups, children will inevitably love their first eau de toilette full of tenderness and delicacy!

Baby perfume, children's perfume or teenage perfume, with or without alcohol, our eaux de senteurs and eaux de toilette can become a popular fragrance for the whole family and constitute an original gift idea...

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Parfumdo offers a selection of eaux de toilette inspired by and composed for young ones.
For the little ones, go to the eaux de senteurs. Without alcohol, they do not risk disturbing their sensative and delicate skin. We prefer to warn you, you will fall in love with the children's perfume boxes with cuddly or plush toys, perfect for a birth gift, a baby shower or for your daughter or son's birthdays.

The older ones, from 6 years of age, already have at their disposal a diversified olfactory collection that includes both eaux de toilette and eaux de parfum.

Among the ranges to discover at, you will find two versions of the classic "Ptisenbon" by Tartine et Chocolat as well as the timeless Jacadi or IKKS. Mixed or personalized, perfumes for girls or perfumes for boys, let them express themselves in all possible olfactory ways!

Your teenager will also find a teen fragrance adapted to his or her desires, his or her lifestyle... but only when they are not tempted by the fragrances of their elders!

In all cases, and even more so for children, it is advisable to apply the perfume on clothing and not directly on the skin.