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Choose your perfumed deodorant in accordance with your perfume or eau de toilette. Hide the smell of perspiration, protect yourself effectively from morning to night, keeping your favorite fragrance. A gesture from your daily fragrance ritual to prolong the presence of your favorite fragrance. The shape depends on how you use it, the sensitivity of your skin, your tastes and your expectations, Parfumdo offers you a wide range of scented deodorants to combine with your usual perfumes!

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Deodorant is a cosmetic product designed to prevent sweating. No matter what form it comes in, aerosol, spray (like Chanel's Blue or Guerlain's ideal man), stick (like Dior's Sauvage or Yves Saint Laurent's man), roll on (like Clarins or Clinique... deodorant has its place in the skin care and perfume ritual.

Whether it camouflages body odours with its perfume, kills the bacteria responsible for bad odours with alcohol or absorbs powder-based sweat, the purpose of deodorant is to prevent sweat odours from passing through. The antiperspirant also acts on the flow of perspiration at its origin. Based on natural or synthetic ingredients, it destroys or limits the bacteria responsible for sweat odours. In short, a choice for you gentlemen on Parfumdo!