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While it is clear that a balanced diet and exercise remain essential to refine your body, a slimming and firming cream is a good complement to refine your figure and smooth your skin texture. Parfumdo helps you to choose the right slimming body care, with products from leading brands, selected for you.


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Choosing the right slimming treatment

Choose your slimming cream according to the areas to be treated (stomach, hip, thigh...), but also the desired objective for each area. Another tip is to get a cream containing ingredients known for their firming properties, such as caffeine, red pepper, copper peptides, retinol or aminophylline. There is also nothing to prevent you from consulting the opinions of internet users before making a decision on the purchase of a product.

Especially when applied to natural fat store areas, such as the thighs, abdomen or buttocks, slimming creams provide a visible result quickly with regular application. However, they also give positive results on all the other parts of the body you want to target.

Slimming creams work in different ways. While some are directly involved in the fat accumulation process by acting on the adipocyte receptors, others work like a fat burner to get rid of cellulite and sometimes have many virtues on the skin (tonic), ideal to reduce the orange peel appearance. Caffeine, the main ingredient in many slimming creams, is credited with many virtuous properties. It stimulates the metabolism and promotes the fat burning process. Creams containing red pepper extracts, on the other hand, are known for their vasodilating effect. The increased blood supply to the cells will stimulate the secretion of enzymes, which allows the temperature to "rise" and thus act on the fat cells.

A wide selection of slimming treatments

Discover a wide range of slimming treatments on our website. To regain your figure, try Clarins Masvelt cream, for example. Ideal to overcome stubborn curves, it combines triple efficiency. It refines, firms and improves the appearance of your skin. Thanks to these qualities, it is particularly suitable for massage.

If your cellulite is more persistent, discover the Anti-Capital Slimming Lift developed by Clarins. Rich in refining plant extracts, this treatment helps you to definitively get rid of the orange peel appearance and regain a smooth and radiant skin.

With age, your skin loses its elasticity and remains very sensitive to wrinkles. This is not inevitable either. With Clarins Firming Lift, you can now delay the effects of time. This treatment helps you to regain firmer skin and a rejuvenated body.

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