If you only had to choose one make-up product for an eye-catching look, choose mascara. It enhances the eyes and enlarges the look. However, it's not always easy to find the perfect mascara for lashes without clogs, or dripping...

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A sensual look in a single gesture

Brands surpass themselves when it comes to mascaras. The volume, curves, lash length, ultra-long-lasting hold, intense color, waterproof or not... the choice is large !  While some like them light and natural, others prefer an intense volume.

We offer you a wide range of mascaras available, from the simplest to the most technical brushes, from the most neutral to the most trendy colours. Latest news, trends, flagship products... discover the available collection of mascaras from major brands.

Which mascara brush to choose?

Mascara brushes play an important role in the finish and the results obtained. Depending on whether you prefer a volume effect, elongated or curved lashes... you will have a choice among the different types of brushes: bristle or silicone brush, with fine or wide pimples, curved, straight, thick, spiral... Choose the right brush according to your desires, your preferences and the effect you want.

Which mascara color to choose?

Our choice is often turned to a tube of black mascara, without even thinking about the other colors available to us. However, a plum or blue mascara will bring out the eyes and light complexions. Playing on different shades with the length of the lashes will give a sophisticated effect and depending on the colours chosen, a natural and chic look. Feel free to try different shades, you will be surprised to discover a look you didn't have before.