Nail Makeup

The secret of beautiful and feminine hands? Natural or varnished nails, but elegant and neat.

To help you maintain and enhance them, choose a nail care and a stunning nail polish for a perfect manicure from the Parfumdo selection.

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Learn to maintain your hands and nails easily, but also to apply your varnish, which will finish perfecting your beauty while having fun matching it to your outfits.

For polished and healthy nails, here are the right gestures: juggle between the boxwood stick for cuticles, the fine-grained file and the 4-sided file for a smooth, shiny surface. Your hands and nails will appreciate the daily massages with the specific moisturizing creams. Finally, eating healthy, in addition to the benefits that food brings to your body, it will make your nails stronger, such as dried fruit, fish and brewer's yeast as a food supplement.

Applying nail polish can weaken your nails. This is why our selection of major brands such as Chanel, Lancôme, Guerlain, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent offers you protective bases adapted to the care and protection of your nails, before applying the varnish. Enriched with vitamins and oils, they control the risk of yellowing, stimulate nail growth and make them stronger. The varnish base or base coat also plays a role in the durability of your varnish.

Varnish is fun! Among the palette of colours you can enjoy, there are seasonal trends for those who use their varnish as a real fashion accessory: blue, water green or fushia pink in summer! Warmer winter colours such as burgundy, khaki or beige. Also think of the glitter varnish, ideal during festive periods, when gold is in the spotlight! We also find the great classics, such as red, pink, white, that will be your everyday allies.

And finally, by adding a top coat after your two coats of varnish, the result will be even brighter and more resistant. Play with the different tops coat: shine, drying accelerator or matt, ensure a perfect care for your nails - they deserve it!