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Do you want your skin to be soft, smooth and free of imperfections? Think about a facial scrub, ideal for all skin types. This one needs regular care and scrubbing is one of the beauty gestures to adopt to illuminate your face.

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Don't just hide imperfections, a tired complexion and dull skin with makeup. First think of solving the problem at the source with the following combination: cleaning, scrubbing and hydrating (mask and cream). And take advantage of our "mission hydration" advice to replenish and rehydrate your skin.

There are two types of scrubs. The first is composed of very small grains, the second, also called peeling, is grainless. Whether by mechanical or chemical action, the goal is the same: to remove dead cells from the skin of the face and stimulate regenerated cells. Often applied to damp and cleansed skin, circular movements are required to allow the grains to work.  Peeling is applied as a normal treatment for one to two minutes. This will deeply stimulates your epidermis to allow it to breathe again, activate your blood circulation and even reduce small wrinkles.

This exfoliating treatment smoothes the skin and clarifies the complexion of everything it has accumulated on a daily basis, between pollution and dead cells. It will soften the touch and make all your facials more effective because they can work in- depth! This is important for the fragile skin on the face. This is why our major brands offer you high quality products, selected according to your skin type, to protect it but not to attack it. You should also not overdo the scrub: once or twice a week depending on your skin is more than enough.

Combination to oily skins will be able to have a more condensed texture and dry to irritated skins will only use gentle scrubs with an incorporated moisturizing and nourishing care. For each skin type there is a suitable scrub! Let Parfumdo guide you through all the quality products on offer.