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Body Scrub

Among the essential treatments to be given to your skin, scrubbing is a step not to be missed.

This body scrub is useful to eliminate dead skin, stimulate the epidermis and make your skin soft. It should be used at least once a week, more if you wish.

At Parfumdo, we offer you a wide range of body scrubs and products.

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Body scrub, benefits for the well-being of your skin:

Scrubbing is a cosmetic product that helps exfoliate dead cells on the upper layers of the skin. It acts mainly on the harmony, softness and smoothing of the skin. It brings benefits in many situations:

    In summer, it helps to prolong and improve tanning.
    Before depilation, it provides better wax fixation and prevents ingrown hairs.
    And all year round, it helps to remove dead skin and helps to restore new skin cells.

Among the scrubs available on our site, discover the Clarins Bamboo Powder Exfoliating Scrub for New Skin with Bamboo Powders. With this exfoliating treatment with Bamboo powders, dead cells, impurities and roughness are eradicated to make way for regenerated skin. With its natural extracts of Shea and Mimosa, this product is an ideal ally for a successful exfoliation.

The scrub, essential according to the parts of the body:

For the face, remember to choose a facial scrub, softer and adapted to this sensitive part of your skin. If it is not necessary to scrub the entire skin on the body, especially the more sensitive parts, you can adapt the regularity and intensity of application according to the areas. For example, do not hesitate to insist on certain parts called "rough parts", such as heels, elbows or knees. With Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream, an exfoliating cream from Clinique, you can easily scrub these parts of the body. These areas of your body will be softer and invigorated.  

Thus, the body scrub, if carried out regularly, helps to keep the skin beautiful and soft. It also improves overall well-being and promotes the positive effects of moisturizing treatments. To help you tone and beautify your skin, Parfumdo also suggests the Clarins "Tonic" Body Scrub with Essential Oils. To bring your skin back to life, there is nothing better than this exfoliating body treatment, which also plays a revitalizing role par excellence. Composed of essential oils of mint, rosewood, rosemary, salt and sugar crystals, it improves skin's radiance by eliminating roughness and dead cells.