Powder is the essential finish that will smooth your complexion, hide imperfections, dark circles or redness while letting your skin breathe. A quality powder, well chosen for your complexion and skin type, will not clog your pores and on the contrary, will protect your skin from daily aggression and allow you to enhance your complexion.

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You won't find a better solution than powder for a velvety and smoother skin for a long time during the day. Matifying, it is more than useful for your daily make-up, especially for combination and oily skin since the powder absorbs the shiny areas of your face. It fixes the make-up and ensures a better hold. It will add a slight touch of colour to very light skin tones, while respecting your complexion, or bringing light and clarity to very tired faces.

There are mainly two types of powders: compact powders and free powders. The first is applied with a large brush while the other is applied with a powder puff with a little pressure, to ensure maximum hold. The compact powder hides everything that can be hidden, while the loose powder, often translucent, will be more discreet. It is important to remove the excess powder at the end of your application with a large brush, for an even more natural second skin effect result!

Famous for being the very first powders of its kind, test Guerlain's light revealing powder beads! Or let yourself be tempted by Yves Saint Laurent's latest powder balms for a charming and sunny contouring. We also like the free and invisible powders of Diorskin Nude...

With face makeup powder, you'll look good all day long!