Face Mask

An instant and urgent need for hydration, tonus, radiance, anti-ageing, etc. A mask is your ally! Whether it is purifying, descaling, rehydrating, regenerating, the face mask has multiple virtues and the advantage of acting quickly and deeply.

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The mask is a complement to your daily care such as your moisturizer, sérum and cleanser. With a break time of at least 10 minutes until a complete night, it acts on your skin as a real concentrated and targeted care by reaching the deep layers of your skin...

Need radiance and vitality? Try revitalizing, peeling, scrubbing, purifying or anti-shine masks. Detoxifying treatments will give you a new breath, a new energy and you will feel dazzling.

Need an anti-ageing treatment? Tensor, firming and sculpting masks are made for you. Lifting treatments revitalize your face and relieve fatigue; the skin looks instantly denser and plumped up. Moist, you wait until it dries and will then be able to appreciate a nourished skin and a better blood circulation.

Need intense hydration ? Night masks will restore your skin in depth and soothe dryness for intensely nourished and rehydrated skin. By keeping all the water on the surface of your skin, your skin will look energized.

For radiant skin, even with make-up removed, the secret is to take care of it before and after it is weakened and attacked during the day. Keep all your radiance with the application of a face mask once or twice a week !