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A spray here, a spray there... it smells good and it takes care of our skin!

Parfumdo offers you a wide range of care waters with multiple actions: energizing, relaxing, moisturizing... care water is pleasant to apply and can be sprayed on the body several times a day to benefit from its benefits!

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What is a care water?

A skin care water has a different way of caring for your body, it is neither a fragrant mist, nor a perfume, nor a milk...In their form their objective is to take care of the skin, in a gentle way. They can be used throughout the day, several times, to enjoy the benefits and refresh themselves.

Its benefits can be hydration, to firm or even relax  the skin... Based on vitamins, essential oils, glycerin....

The positive points of the skin care waters are their way of refreshing, they are easy to apply at any time, are not greasy and do not stick. Scented skincare waters are discreet but do not replace a perfume.