PAYOT allows women in search of an authentic luxury to live a unique experience at affordable prices.

Born in 1920 by Nadia PAYOT, the brand brings to life the legacy of this woman visionary doctor. It is a decisive meeting that shifts her vision of beauty. In contact with the star dancer Anna Pavlova, Nadia PAYOT understands the benefits of gestures to preserve the beauty and youth of the skin. She invents and then introduces her clients to facial gymnastics, which will give birth to 42 movements massage.

Nadia PAYOT then creates a line of unique cosmetic treatments that work in synergy with these application gestures.

As a skin coach, the brand accompanies women from one generation to the next, at every moment of their lives. It offers a unique moment lived through professional care in booth aesthetics, or care products that reveal the beauty of each, at home in their privacy.

Alliance between science and emotion, PAYOT offers a unique alchemy between innovative formulas, based on the latest scientific advances and sensoriality of products, through textures, fragrances, colors and methods of application of products.

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