Make-up must make you sublime! Warm your complexion, illuminate your eyes, draw the outline of your lips... it doesn't take too much to enhance yourself.

We provide you with a wide selection of available make-up items from the most famous brands, flagship products, as well as the latest innovations for a 100% make-up success.

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A perfect complexion you will adopt

With a healthy glow, a peachy complexion, a nude effect or even baby's skin, the complexion is an essential step in the realization of your make-up. Do you prefer a mattifying or fluid foundation? Choose a foundation that adapts to your complexion, skin type and desired coverage. For a nude effect, opt for a BB cream or CC cream unless you prefer a cushion foundation.

For a perfect complexion, use a natural concealer to hide signs of fatigue. Then apply a corrector to illuminate certain areas of your face and bring a glowy touch to your complexion with a highlighter. Finally, raise the top of your cheekbones with a blush and warm up your complexion with a bronzer.

"You have beautiful eyes..."

One look can say a lot about your personality. Depending on the effect and style you are looking for, the way you make up your eyes can change completely. From natural to strong and colourful, eye shadows promise you beautiful surprises. Choose the latter according to their hues and textures; purple and green colours will enhance brown eyes more, while orange and bronze will be the appropriate colours for blue and green eyes. For a sensuel look, finalize your make-up with mascara.

A sublime mouth

From rosé to carmine to beige, the possibilities seem endless. If your eye makeup is not too pronounced, accentuate your mouth makeup with a raspberry or coral red.

However, colour is not the only characteristic to be taken into account; between matt, gloss or glossy effect, lipstick is constantly being reinvented. Any hesitation about the type of lipstick to adopt?  A matt lipstick will ensure your peace of mind for the day while a glossy lipstick will bring comfort and hydration to your lips. Finally, a lip liner is the ideal product to enhance your lip make-up.