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BB cream has become a real every day best seller for when you don't want to wear foundation, but want to hide those imperfections, while enhancing your skin.  With its fluid touch and the instant radiance, it's a must in every make-up bag.

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Coming from South Korea, BB cream is at the same time: moisturizing, unifying, correcting, protecting and restores radiance. It's the new all-in-one cream! It takes its initials from the "Blemish Balm" or camouflaging balm in French. It's applied like a moisturizing cream in your make-up ritual. It nourishes, conceals imperfections and smoothes your skin. Most BB creams also provide better hold for your make-up and protect you from UV rays.  Finally, BB illuminates your complexion for the whole day. After its application, you can finish your complexion with a powder to fix, mattify very slightly, a blush, or an illuminator to give pep to your face, not to mention eye and lip make-up if you wish.

Lighter than a foundation, it will adapt to your skin color, so feel free to take a slightly darker or slightly lighter shade as you wish. You can choose it to more or less cover according to the imperfections of your face, while letting your skin breathe, an important point when you have imperfections.

If you only have one beauty gesture left in the morning, it's this one! With BB cream, peach skin is no longer a fantasy. Practical and faster for your morning routine, you can put aside your moisturizer and foundation at the same time. This universal treatment will restore a perfect every day glow, whether you are in a hurry or not!