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To take care of your skin is to start by thoroughly cleaning it. Remove accumulated impurities such as those related to pollution, perspiration, sebum ... but also rid of dead cells. If you have a beard, this cleaning is essential to give him a shot of expenses. The exfoliating products allow a deeper cleansing thanks to their exfoliating agents, promote the cellular renewal and prevent the re-growth of the hairs under the skin.

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It is a small gesture but very beneficial at the end of the day to rid the skin of all traces of dirt outside, but also early in the day to remove perspiration and dead cells of the night! A good toilet before applying other active care.

There are several ways to wash your skin: soap, tonic, overgrown bread, ... Sometimes the soap can attack the skin, and even if it is well cleaned, it will be reactive and will tend to secrete more sebum to recover . In this case, aim a surgras bread, a gel without soap, a mousse ... to remedy these irritations.

The exfoliating products will be used sparingly, once a week to avoid further attacking the skin and derive all the benefits.