IKKS BABY Scented Water Spray

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A fragrance like the big ones! The scent of the "Baby" who already claim their independence!
A case in the shape of a box of milk, a glossy white lacquered bottle ... a sober and offbeat style that perfectly illustrates the values of the brand.
A sweet fragrance. A real return to childhood marked by tenderness and freedom.
Through notes of head with fresh accents of lavender, married to the original gluttony of the cream of milk, it is all our childhood that resurfaces.

At the heart of this eau de scent, tenderness and sweetness are expressed through floral notes (rose, magnolia and jasmine) and the unctuousness of honey to bloom on a background of sandalwood, white musk and iris that express all the modernity and IKKS.

Top Note : Lavender, Cream of Milk, Liquorice
Heart Note : Magnolia, Honey, Rose
Base Note : Sandalwood, White Musk, Iris
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  • IKKS BABY              Scented Water Spray
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    Scented Water Spray 100 ml
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