BERDOUES 1902 MUSC & NEROLI Eau de parfum spray

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An addictive and enveloping eau de toilette.

Musc & Neroli is a solar fragrance that combines the warm and floral notes of orange blossom with musky, sweet and powdery notes.

Between the Orange Blossom and the Neroli, this perfume is full of memories, and I feel the vapors of Aida's white coffee, accompanied by a delicious oriental pastry with hints of orange blossom, honey and almonds, it is both the freshness of the flower and the expression of a greed. "CÉLINE PERDRIEL

MUSC: Musk was originally an animal raw material. Hunting is now prohibited, all musks used in perfumery are of synthetic origin. Musk has a powerful, animal and woody smell.

ORANGE FLOWER: The absolute of orange blossom is obtained by extraction of orange blossom flowers, cultivated in Morocco or in Tunisia. Its smell is floral, green, powdery and greedy.

BERGAMOTE: Fruit of a cross between a lemon tree and a orange tree orange (bitter orange), the zest is extracted to obtain the essence of bergamot. It offers zesty, tangy, sparkling and floral notes.

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  • 1902 MUSC & NEROLI              Eau de parfum spray
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