ALYSSA ASHLEY MUSK Eau de Parfum Spray

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What is MUSK…In the world of perfumery MUSK is a magical word. It is an animal scent, warm, sweet and extremely long lasting.

The essence was originally extracted from a gland of the musk deer Moschus Moschiferus from Tibet, China and Nepal. This smell has a sexual attraction to females and this is the reason why it is considered an erotic perfume.

Nowadays, thankfully, the animal extract has been replaced with synthetic products, in order to avoid the extinction of this poor deer, and the results in perfumery are as good if not better than the original fragrance. However the origins of Musk are still surrounded by many myths and legends. Oriental medicine in China, India, Arabia and Japan ascribes various properties to Natural Musk amongst which the aphrodisiac properties are the most emphasized in the perfumery sector.

The legend of the Musk origin lies in Indian mythology. The demon Pulaka, after enduring a long and strict punishment in the aspect of an antelope, obtained as a reward from Shiva - the capacity to emanate a very intense perfume. From that moment on Pulaka, thanks to his wonderful perfume, began to seduce the god’s women, thus breaking religious and moral rules. As a result of this, Shiva ordered Pulaka to abandon his demonic body, but he gave him permission to keep the perfume generated from his limbs, “MUSK”.

This name Musk, which comes from the Sanskrit “mrgamada”, means, “Antelope love secretion”. It is said that the Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, passionately adored perfumes, especially Musk, which she used lavishly to seduce her husband and secure his devotion, in spite of Napoleon’s frequent protests. She belonged to a group of stylish young men and women called “Les Muscadins” as a result of their craze for musk.

Today Musk by Alyssa Ashley is a market leading fragrance, and in many countries is considered a “CULT PERFUME”.

Alyssa Ashley Musk is a unisex fragrance, and this peculiarity is emphasized on the contemporary packaging by the two colors: black symbolizing the male aspect and white the feminine, they are bonded together by a fine line of gold and easily recognized by Alyssa Ashley's distinctive gender symbols.

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