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  • Description

The perfume FERRARI RACING RED was launched in 2013 and is dedicated to a man whose heart beats faster at the sight of a powerful race car. His deepest wish - to be able to be there to live all the Formula One races here. Like a kid, he dreamed of becoming a racing driver, because speed is his element.

The perfume FERRARI RACING RED is designed for a sporty man with a penchant for daring adventure. He lives the life of a racing driver, he meets in a few seconds the right decision, he is always focused, reckless and extremely intelligent. At the very beginning delighted the FERRARI RACING RED with a fresh and seductive Caipirinha rope, add the pepper and sage gray sophistication and style. At the heart will hear an "Electrum" rope slightly metallic, attenuated and supported by the striking lavender aroma and the herbal-spiced nutmeg fragrance She Sages. In the basic chic suede, combined with warm tonka bean and cedar are felt.

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