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Chapter by Mades Cosmetic

Founded in 1992 in The Netherlands, Mades Cosmetics is an international company, who manufacture skin, body and hair care products,with 2 major brands, 14 product lines and over 400 individual products. With an underlying vision to produce high-quality personal skin care available to all who love life, regardless of religion, age or race.We encourage customers to use products that embody the sentiment‘a good life need not be an expensive one.’
By utilizing cutting-edge technology and high-level research results we are able to create product formulas and active ingredients thatsuit all manner of personalities. Our focus lies in the creation ofinnovative products using the best raw materials which are presentedin cutting edge, creative packaging.
Today our products are distributed globally and of the highest standards.We continually strive to produce quality products, using advanced technology whilst maintaining distinction within the market.

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