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When exposed to environmental aggressors and stress, all skin types can become sensitive. LA SOLUTION 10 DE CHANEL is the first comforting moisturizer especially formulated by CHANEL Research to soothe, de-stress and defend naturally or temporarily sensitive skin. With only 10 ingredients, LA SOLUTION 10 DE CHANEL boasts a simple and pure formula artfully composed for necessary efficacy, comfort and optimal skin tolerance.
The triple power of the rarest and most precious white tea: Silver Needle tea. At the heart of the formula, it SOOTHES sensations of discomfort, DE-STRESSES with its antioxidant properties and DEFENDS by reinforcing the skin’s barrier function. Skin is re-balanced, it becomes more resilient, less reactive to the environment and stress.

When asked, women confirm:
- Instantly, skin is soothed (71%*)
- After one month of use, skin is less sensitive to pollution (79%*)
- Following gentle microdermabrasion, sensations of discomfort are diminished (100%**)

* Consumer test on 72 women in Beijing, % of satisfaction
** Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist on 20 women, % of women surveyed
1-WATER (AQUA): Deionized and purified water.
2-VEGETAL SQUALANE (SQUALANE): Nourishing vegetal ingredient extracted from the olive to reinforce the skin’s hydration barrier.
3-SOFT POWDER (LAUROYL LYSINE): Powder composed of lysine, an essential amino acid, to provide comfort and softness to the skin.
4-GLYCERIN: Hydro-attractive vegetal glycerin that helps to maintain optimal hydration levels within the skin.
5-SILVER NEEDLE TEA EXTRACT (CAMELLIA SINENSIS LEAF EXTRACT): Silver Needle (white tea) extract which soothes, de-stresses and defends sensitive skin.
6-SHEA BUTTER EXTRACT: Pure extract of shea butter, which intensely nourishes the skin.
7-EMOLLIENT (SODIUM POLYACRYLATE): Emollient for soft, supple skin.
8-EMULSIFIER (STEARETH-21): Emulsifier essential to the formula’s smooth uniformity.
9-HUMECTANT (CAPRYLYL GLYCOL): Humectant that improves skin comfort.
10-PRESERVATIVE (PHENOXYETHANOL): High-tolerance formula preservative.

Anti-pollution. Fragrance-free. Oil-free.
Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested.

1- WATER (AQUA) : eau déminéralisée et purifiée.
2- VEGETAL SQUALANE (SQUALANE) : ingrédient végétal extrait de l'olive, restaurateur de la barrière lipidique cutanée.
3- SOFT POWDER (LAUROYL LYSINE) : poudre composée de lysine, un acide aminé essentiel, qui apporte confort et douceur à la peau.
4- GLYCERIN : glycérine végétale hydro-attractive, qui contribue à maintenir une hydratation optimale au cœur de la peau. 
5- SILVER NEEDLE TEA EXTRACT (CAMELLIA SINENSIS LEAF EXTRACT) : extrait de thé blanc Silver Needle qui apaise, déstresse, et protège la peau.
6- SHEA BUTTER EXTRACT : extrait de beurre de karité pur, qui nourrit intensément la peau et la protège.
7- EMOLLIENT (SODIUM POLYACRYLATE) : ingrédient émollient pour une peau souple et douce.
8- EMULSIFIER (STEARETH-21) : composé émulsionnant, essentiel à l'onctuosité de la formule.
9- HUMECTANT (CAPRYLYL GLYCOL) : ingrédient humectant qui améliore le confort cutané.
10- PRESERVATIVE (PHENOXYETHANOL) : protecteur antimicrobien, sélectionné pour sa haute tolérance.

Anti-pollution. Sans parfum. Oil-free
Testé sous contrôle ophtalmologique et dermatologique. 
Non comédogène.

Apply to entire face and neck, morning and evening, on perfectly cleansed skin.

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