LANCASTER SUN BEAUTY Sublime Tanning Tinted Jelly SPF6

  • 200 ml
    29,52 €
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One of Lancaster's iconic products, this silky tinted gel has made a quantum leap in terms of tanning and glamour. Today, we offer you our broadest sun protection to date with our revolutionary Full Light technology that targets 100% of the sun's rays, UVB + UVA + VISIBLE + INFRARED LIGHT, to protect the beauty of your skin from the dangers of the sun. Its delicious caramel-coloured texture will give you a golden and radiant tan. This tinted body gel will give your skin an immediate glow while allowing you to get a faster, deeper and flawless tan.

Usage tips

Apply generously all over the body before any exposure to the sun. Repeat the application frequently, especially if you sweat, after swimming, after drying with a towel or after prolonged exposure to the sun. Avoid contact with your clothes and other textiles - may stain.


Sun Beauty skincare products provide ultra-wide spectrum protection thanks to a unique formula, featuring Full Light technology that targets 100% of the sun's rays. Beyond UVB & UVA, it protects the skin from VISIBLE LIGHT and INFRARED rays. And for a faster and more perfect tan, the Sun Beauty range contains the latest version of our Tanning Activator Complex (TAC).

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