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This home fragrance, with its fruity, sunny notes, will immediately enhance your home.
They are made in Normandy, the fruit of a long maceration process that guarantees a quality product. Our fragrances are rigorously selected from the best perfumers.
A few sprays are all it takes to diffuse this powerful blend of Pineapple and Tonka.
What's more? It can be sprayed onto a cloth handkerchief and placed in your handbag, so you can pick up this subtle fragrance wherever you go

Ritual of Perfuming

After removing the cap, insert a few strands of rattan into the bottle. The fragrance will then diffuse by capillary action. Vary the intensity and duration of diffusion by increasing or decreasing the number of sprigs inserted. Diffusion lasts from 4 to 8 weeks.

→Creates a warm atmosphere in your home,
→Has a positive effect on your mood
→Delivers an embalming fragrance in the rooms of your home.

Olfactive pyramid
Fragrance Fragrance :

Florale Solaire


• Alcool, Parfum.

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