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Coudray sur parfumdo floral  eau de toilette fspray

The Coudray House
In the precious world of Maison Coudray, all is luxury and sweetness, fantasy and pleasure. A delicate feminine universe dedicated to the beauty of women since 1822.

Soberly baptized, the name of their main components sufficient to illustrate them, these original and well-made compositions have in common a sensuality with finesse and a frank personality: Caressing as Iris Rose, as soft as a cloud of powder, as velvety as a voluptuous cream; sweet and carnal like Musk and Freesia imagined around the cotton flower, appetizing and voluptuous like Amber and Vanilla, a gourmand saturated with orange, cinnamon, amber and vanilla; refined and tender like Jacinthe and Rose, an armful of captivating flowers; fresh and sparkling like Givrine; sunny like Vanilla and Coco.

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