Terre d'Hermès

The saga Hermes opened to the world of perfumery in 1947, before gradually extending its range to men. With Terre d'Hermès, the brand wants to offer a true symbolic narration around the evolving and transforming material. Here, the elements feed on a truly alchemical power and combine their differences into a strong and distinguished personality, which is inviting in its diversity. Woody, but also vegetal, mineral and slightly spicy, Terre d'Hermès perfume embodies the brand's look on men: complex and simple at the same time, the feet rooted in reality without ever giving up on its dreams, the Man carrying Terre d'Hermès becomes an allegory of nature, which offers a united and harmonious face while asserting an identity forged by its complexity.

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Terre d'Hermès, inspired by the power of the elements

A fragrance that draws its strength from the elements

The earth, the roots of the man, the element where he draws his strength and goes to relax. Terre d'Hermès, holds its power from the complementarity of the elements, the roughness of the earth, the coolness of the water and the immensity of the sky.

A HERMÈS perfume that invites you on a journey

Earth is the perfume of men who do not forget their roots. Its woody, mineral and vegetal scents encourage you to roam the world, if only by closing your eyes.

He is perfectly represented by his muse Clement Sibony.